Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How the order stopped Bigfoot from escaping

The research of Bigfoot has always been something that has fascinated humans because no one has yet been able to capture one or even take proper footage. There are many videos out there, but even the most convincing footage is too blurry and impossible to determine any legitimacy. The order always knew of the existence of Bigfoot because this creature was brought from another planet to become the guardian of the forests.

These creatures don’t like to be bothered and this is the reason why they have always done everything they can to get away from humans. They are smart enough to know the locations that are very hard to reach and they only inhabit in very remote caves in the forests that they guard. The order had to keep them from escaping the forests to look for areas that are hidden eve further from reach. They convinced the Bigfoot to stay in the forests and keep watch by allowing them to eliminate any humans that reached their domain.


  1. Remind me to avoid bigfoot

  2. So should they be called Bigfeet?

    1. exactly what I've been saying all these years

  3. "allowing them to eliminate any humans
    that reached their domain"

    Now that explains why the 'missing persons' list persists all these while!