Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Why the order created golf

There is no question that golf has always been considered a sport for those who have enough money to afford the locations and the equipment that golf is played at. This has changed a lot in the last few decades with plenty of affordable golf courses being made available for people regardless of their budget. The order created golf because this is actually the sport that the order enjoys playing the most.

The top players in the world are all human, but the best players are actually from the order and they would beat even the most skilled human easily. This is the reason why the order don’t play human tournaments because it would be too obvious that their achievements would be way above those of a human on the golf course. Most order players have the strength to shoot a golf ball ten times further than humans shoot. The order golf courses are much bigger than the human ones.


  1. Wonder what happens in a longest drive competition!


  2. Think of all the room for creative landscape if they're even bigger than we're used to having! :)

  3. the golf ! really? so the order created all????

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