Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Order Vs The Ninjas

We have all seen the ninjas in the movies and a lot of people love the whole idea of what a ninja was. This men had special training that allowed them to be very silent and deadly killers. There are actually some ninjas that had learned the powers of cloaking and being almost invisible. They had what some people would consider to be super natural powers that allowed them to climb walls and run faster than most humans could.

There was a clan of ancient ninjas that actually had super powers. They had an alliance with powerful sorcerers that granted them the chance to become the most powerful killing machines and they wanted to take over the earth. They hated humanity and felt they had evolved to a whole new state. The order had to hire alien life forms that rivaled ninja skills and surpassed them easily. The ninja clan was annihilated in less than two days.


  1. My son is going to be a ninja for Halloween. He has super powers too. :)

  2. I just want to dress like a ninja. They look so comfy in their black lounge wear.

  3. Ninjas got their comeuppance I guess

  4. Let's hope the alien life forms may not have ideas about taking over themselves