Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Typical Order Birthday

The order members celebrate their birthdays in a completely different way than humans do. For a member of the order a year in their native world is the equivalent to 10 years in the human world and this means that when a human year passes they pretend to have a birthday like all humans and celebrate in a human style, but every decade they travel outside of planet Earth and visit their own planet in order to celebrate with their kind.

The birthday of a member of the order is a huge event on their home planet, but they do not celebrate with drinks, music and food. Their celebrations are a series of rituals that are far beyond the comprehension of a human being. The order are never going to celebrate their birthdays on Earth because the planet doesn't have the conditions for this to take place.


  1. No cake???? If I'm aging 10 years every single year and not gettin' any cake, life ain't even worth livin'.

  2. I think I like our birthdays better.

  3. how about birthdays after age 30, are they depressing too?

  4. Just like Cats, 6 yrs to a human year. Do they look like one too?