Friday, 10 July 2015

What the order think of time travel

Time travel sounds like an amazing idea because if we can travel to the future or the past, we can fix anything that has not worked out properly in the history of our planet. We could stop what was, warn people about natural disasters and much more. There are very few people who can comprehend how devastating this would actually be and that is the main reason why the order decided to bring down the operation that was already showing signs of being incredibly powerful.

There was a single successful time travel that was done to the past and it changed things so severely that the order had to do a series of time traveling missions to wipe everything out and get to the source of the time traveling invention. There is no doubt that time traveling is too dangerous to be allowed in any way at all. This is why we have to be extra careful not to let it be used ever again.


  1. Hope the order time traveled back and opened up a can of whoop ass on Hitler!

  2. Yeah time travel can be screwy

  3. Time travel could certainly cause a lot of problems!

  4. A smart Alec can be a nuisance and a bother!