Monday, 27 July 2015

Why the order created comic books

The need to create a good outlet for people to use their imagination has always been there. This is why the order decided to come up with a cost effective way to entertain people, one that they could pretty much take anywhere and enjoy reading in any location. The stories that have come up ever since the very first publications are actually all inspired in some way by events that happen within the ranks of the order.

There are obviously a lot of fantastic stories and super powers that are not real, but this really helps to add even more stimulation to the imagination of the people that read them. The purpose of this has clearly worked because the new generations that have read comics since childhood are extremely creative minds that have already joined the ranks of the order. We plan to continue recruiting those who have the most powerful imaginations.


  1. I'm all in favor of stimulation. My imagination, that is.

  2. Must be why I read so many comics as a kid.

  3. I hope Stan Lee is in the Order. He should be.

  4. It feeds the hungry kids! The void in fantasy and imagination is well filled up.