Friday, 8 August 2014

Stories of The Order - Time Travel

Time traveling was become a very serious problem and the order new this. The situation had to be stopped and the future of humanity depended on it. Irresponsible time traveling created more than 4 scenarios of apocalyptic proportions. The biggest problem with time travel is that there I no way to know when there will be success in coming back from the past or the future. The one thing that we can safely say is that we have shut down all time travel activities until further notice.

We have the greatest minds studying the traveling in order to make it possible to travel without affecting the past or future by creating an invisible traveler that is not going to have any impact on the environment or the actions of others. The slightest changes can turn into the biggest problems and that is why time travel has been banned until this is fixed.


  1. Invisible man like traveler, who knew

  2. i dont think i would want time travel..
    cause i would def find a way to muck it up...

  3. I wouldn't want a BTTF situation

  4. I wouldn't want to time travel, but instant travel might be nice. :)

  5. Time travel could be quite difficult. I'm happy to hear things have been shut down in that department.