Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Stories of the Order - Aliens

Senior members of the order had for some years used their intergalactic powers to communicate with alien worlds.  Some they found to be inferior to ours and other much more advanced.  They considered what made up the definition of inferior intelligence and what could be comprehended superior intelligence in an alien environment.  They needed a certain criteria because if what they deemed inferior was actually a condition of danger to our world it would have to be stopped.  On the other hand superior aliens might well wish and be able to do harm to humans on earth.  Some argued that being inferior the aliens could come and be very aggressive and uncivilized or being inferior might mean that they did not have the knowledge of how to come here at all.  A superior race of aliens could have the wherewithal to come to earth but on arriving might in fact take over and lord it over the order, who would not really appreciate being usurped especially by people with long wobbly necks and huge eyes.

The order discussed this problem for days, weeks and even years.  They could never seem to reach a conclusion which situation was to be feared and which was to be encouraged as an advantage to earth.  Unbeknown to the order a number of alien races had decided to make a pit stop on earth on their way to the outer realm of the farthest galaxy.  They would take a quick peek at the blue planet sort it out and motor on to more important destinations.

A signal was sent from one of the motherships’ to earth and was intercepted by the order.  When the information was relayed to all the members there was great consternation.  Some held the opinion that this was the end of earth while other wanted a flute band and a bonfire lit to guide the spaceships in and welcome them.  

Meetings were called by the directors and heads of the order.  Smaller meetings were held in the local pubs and at the local farmer's market.  Arguing and fighting broke out all over the world as to whether or not a superior alien would be more preferable to an inferior alien.  In the end it was decided to ask them.  So the order sent up a message asking them it they considered themselves inferior or superior.  Well, that put the cat among the pigeons.  Apparently the aliens had been fighting for years over this very definition of who was the inferior alien and who was the superior race.  In the ensuing conversation between them, war broke out and they blasted each other out of the sky and this is how the order stopped an alien invasion.


  1. ha. the aliens sound about as stupid as humans....

  2. Pit the enemies against themselves and save mankind in the process. Nice plan. :)

  3. smart, let them deal with the other