Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Stories of the Order - Lemmings

Lemmings are real and they have been invading places all over the universe for a long time. The reason why the video game became so popular is that the order financed this so that people could be aware of how these little creatures could potentially harm the world. We will not let this happen and that is why we trained kids to know how to setup traps for this little monsters. If you ever see a lemming you will find yourself in a terrible situation that will put you on the spot with these creatures.

The lemming invasion almost occurred back in 1978 and the order had to use extreme force to keep them from invading. Now with so many trained citizens, things will be completely different for the order. We will only have to deploy the people who will be able to do this without excessive force and the world will never be hurt by these situations anymore. Now human lemmings are another story.


  1. human lemmings indeed...

    are you responsible for snipe hunting as well?

  2. I've always been fascinated by lemmings and they're motives...

  3. Who knew there was such a backstory

  4. I feel like I should know what a lemming is, but I don't. I'm headed to Google.