Friday, 22 August 2014

Stories of The Order - Evolution

In the year 2025 the human race will have to accept a new breed of human.  Not really human but human all the same.  The UN has recently approved the new decryption of homo sapien extension android.   To be known as HSEA this new breed to populate the earth will have superior powers.  Superior powers that will make them stronger, more flexible more inclined to smile a lot (they will be very happy HSEA's)  

In the year 2021 the final phase in the new evolution will begin. Each person will receive in the mail (probably along with their canvassing literature for their local council elections) an invitation to become a new super person. They will for a few years have been indoctrinated about the new evolution and how wonderful this will be for the human race.

Now it was not noticed (nobody really cared) but the Order had around the year 1700 surreptitiously introduced the idea that human people had originally been frogs, hence the story of the Princess and the frog.  However school children soon unearthed the truth - that it was just a fairy tale.  Someone in the order got very worried because they knew they wanted to create these super human beings but the world was not ready for them yet, and if introduced to soon some countries would go to war against the HSEA's.

After all up until quite recently the trend had been to increase the human race and do everything to stop it from dying out.  This idea had been programmed in at the source.  So the new idea was to skip the frog theory and go straight back to the soup or frog spawn idea.  So the world was primed to accept the new breed of people, half man half computer, they would accept it as evolution and just be bloody glad the thing didn't make a big bang that would deafen everyone.  So now are you ready to be invited into the huge game of evolution?  You will be made to feel superior - and you will be superior and you will be a member of the order to boot.  Of course you will have to boot up every morning and log off yourself every evening.


  1. To boot up and log off is not a problem. More than compensated by being a superior being! Nicely HGW!


  2. Damn, that might be too much work

  3. Booting up and logging off doesn't sound too superior to me!

  4. Wait, these guys are going to turn me into a cyborg within a matter of years? Hell yeah, sign me up.

  5. ha log off myself...i have a hard enough time logging off the computer each night....smiles....

  6. ew I hate frogs, they're slimy and they leap on you