Friday, 25 July 2014

Stories of the Order - Superheroes

The Order not only stopped all mutants, we also stopped all superheroes from coming to prominence. All it takes is one look through the chronicles of history to see that all vigilantes have been snuffed out, taken out on the streets by workers within The Order. We systematically take on any uprising through disasters of all types. The closest uprising that came through was the one parodied in “Watchmen”. An alien invasion, a super-mutant, right, it was us. We squashed the rebellion, set up an army, created a cold war, and made sure that all major superheroes were placed in disastrous areas.

Vigilantes are not taken seriously by The Order, but we do not want anyone trying to trump us and our control. Not that they can, but we would rather not have to deal with a public nuisance. It is why Batman is only fiction, and not reality. We made sure to snuff out his parents early, and make his story one of cartoonish proportions. Same with Matt Murdoch, his dad was a degenerate gambler, we fixed him fast. He’s not exactly fighting crime right now, he’s in a care facility, thinking he’s fighting crime. If you think you’re going to trump our cronies in law enforcement, think again. You’re welcome.


  1. At least he's happy I guess

  2. "Holy Ghost Writer" has been included in our Arlynda Lea's Sites to See #10. We hope this will help call more attention to your efforts.

  3. oh man...come on...batman rocks...
    would hate to think they are stuck only dreaming themselves heroes...