Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Stories of the Order - Groundhog Day

The Sovereign Order doesn’t like the joy of spring, so they created a metaphysical solution. But of course, the general public can’t handle this notion of a cabal pulling strings, so the decision was made to include a furry animal. How further could humanity be made to look even more idiotic? The order picked a groundhog to signal whether or not winter would continue. Of course the furry creature has nothing to do with what is really going on, and despite what people think, the order decides the temperature and the way the seasons move forward.

A global cabal of sovereignty is behind all seasonal changes for that matter, including this notion of global warming. Why do you think Al Gore was profiting off the notion of debunked science? That’s right, the Sovereign Order pulled those strings, all the way to the bank. Nothing is done in regards to the temperature without our doing, but hey, Bill Murray isn’t such a bad guy so we worked on the movie. The Sovereign Order also controls time, just so you know.

For those that are celebrating in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, watch out. The Order can and will enter your homes and take whatever it is we’d like, while you’re amidst clueless idiots watching our puppet regime celebrate 6 more weeks of winter or if we’re feeling benevolent a bit of spring sunshine. Whatever the case is, we own it all, and create holidays like this in order to usurp attention from what we’re really up to. Trying to get Bill Murray to join the order. Never mind.
Groundhog Day the film, is semi-biographical, as we have control of the world’s time machines, and have created loops in the system that only Einstein (former member of The Order), started to talk about in his writings. Notice how he’s no longer around. Yeah, that’s what happens when you leak secrets.

By the way, you’re welcome.


  1. ha. i love the movie...that it is semi biographical...ha...that would be pretty funny...

  2. I cannot believe that I've never seen that movie...

  3. The Order is so all-inclusive. :)

  4. The order really know how to get things going

  5. Poor Einstein should have known how to keep a secret better!