Friday, 18 July 2014

Stories of The Order - Aliens

The fascination that society has with aliens is not something strange at all because it only takes some common sense to understand that there is no way we are alone in this universe. The most important thing to consider is that alien forces have not invaded the planet simply because the order has managed to create a peaceful trading of resources that goes completely undercover to most of the world. Area 51 is actually the largest hoax surrounding the alien stories and the real areas that have alien life forms are in locations that people would least expect.

There are several species that are constantly displaying aggressive feelings towards earth and they have stated many times that they would rather take over our planet than have diplomatic relations with humans, but thankfully we have found the perfect defensive measures against them and this is why they don’t attack our planet. 


  1. if you hide the aliens in wal-mart...they would go completely undeteched...ha

  2. Good there are counter measures

  3. Replies
    1. I've been doing some research. First I thought you were Pat, but now I'm pretty sure Pat is R. Everytime that guy says something, boom there is R saying, "Great post". No?

      I know my neighbor is an alien. You should hear the sounds that guy makes.

  4. Can't let those aliens take over

  5. Kudos to The Order for keeping those nasty buggers at bay.