Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Stories of the Order - Chicken

The Order has created the chicken first. Not the egg. The egg came as a creation afterwards, to distract you from the fact that we control everything. What is the chicken for? The mighty chicken, was created to infiltrate and steal away information with relative ease. Every egg is a transmitter of information, your conversations, your ideas, they all flow into the yellow of the egg. Egg whites take the transmission and release it into vapor when cooked, and the yolk takes your ideas and clogs your arteries with them, so that you literally die a slow death.

You laugh now, but consider the rooster. King chicken, he will and has pecked out the eyes and hearts of many a strong man. Crooners like Vicente Fernandez has spoken of mighty roosters and their power, as the chicken is the ultimate weapon. Unassuming, laid back, and dominant cross us or the chicken and push forward the salmonella envelope of your demise. Sure, eat up now, but we created the chicken to deceive the nations, and establish our world order, one that knows all, senses all, and tastes good when mashed into a Frankenstein monster of a food (the nugget). Come to think of it, you don’t deserve to know why the order created the chicken, so eat up, while we allow it. You’re welcome.


  1. If there's no chicken there's no egg! So that's the explanation! So it is not the other way round! Good one HGW!



  2. That answers the age old question, finally

  3. i though the chicken was created first because how could an egg get to the other side of the road? smiles.

  4. I've been attacked by more than one rooster. They get a lot of respect from me!

  5. The real question is, why does everything taste like chicken?