Thursday, 31 July 2014

Stories of The Order - Food

Those who are part of the highest ranks of the order never eat any of the food that regular citizens eat. We do not know what your hamburgers taste like, your pizzas, your soft drinks or your alcoholic beverages. We are aware of how poisonous and disgusting they really are and we can see the results of your dietary habits in the way you look.

A person from the order who is 30 years old actually looks like a regular citizen who is 18 to 20. We are a decade younger in terms of our body aging process than any of you. We have diets that are made up of special pills that contain all the nutrients we need on a daily basis. We have toned and fit bodies and we do not suffer from many fatal diseases that plague the world. The secret to this life is already out there but most people prefer to eat garbage fast food and drinks.


  1. while i lament you not knowing a hamburger
    i am pretty sure we would be better off without all the preservatives
    in our bodies...

  2. All that crap can take a hike

  3. Hmmm. I look pretty young for my age. Maybe I can pass as a member of the Order!

  4. Poor Members of the Order. I am betting that some of them sneak a pizza now and then.