Friday, 16 January 2015

Where the order stash their toxic waste from experiments

The order has been stashing toxic waste from their experiments in space because they know that keeping it on Earth would actually become a problem sooner rather than later. What we are doing is sending out the toxic waste to a planet outside this solar system. There is a species of aliens that uses that toxic waste for fuel in their machinery and this has created a business transaction between us and that species.

The only problem is that they have started to ask us if they can travel to Earth to get the resources themselves, but we don’t really trust these species as they are known for being overly aggressive and they always look for species to conquer. Humans are way smaller and weaker than them and they would be an easy target.


  1. Remember when we wanted to float garbage in outer space? I forgot about that until now. And please do keep the aliens at bay, we have enough strangeness and hostility here without them.

  2. How will we know these aliens when they arrive?

  3. Keep the aliens away. You can just keep sending them your toxic waste.

  4. No business transaction, Give them for free! They give free service to Earth anyway!.


  5. at least they can find a practical use for the waste...
    i wish we could....