Friday, 9 January 2015

Where the order hid Egyptian gods

There is a lot of debate in regards to gods and paranormal entities that have lived on this planet for a long time. Most of these are now disregarded as nothing but fictional products that have been used for purposes of entertainment and culture, but they are very much real and we are hiding them in very safe and strategic places. These gods do not belong in the world of technology that we have now and we knew we needed to find a good place for them to rest until human kind evolves enough to understand them.

The Egyptian gods are all hidden in a mountain core facility that is guarded heavily to avoid any intrusion. There is no access to this facility from any location near the mountain and there are no entrances at all that could blow their cover. We plan to keep them there for as long as needed.


  1. Hopefully there's no Stargate nearby...

  2. They are taking it lying down! Oh well!


  3. so they don't play a weekly softball game with the Greek Gods?

  4. a mountain cave....please tell me there is a bathroom....