Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How the order punish moles in their ranks

The order knows that there needs to be a system of punishment for spy agents that are infiltrated into society to gather information about all kinds of human activities that are not done with our permission. The problem is that some moles have turned against us and they are cutting deals with the people they are supposed to be monitoring. This is something that forces us to punish them and degrade them to civilian status with no chance to ever work for us again.

Depending on the offense we could even send the mole to prison, but in most cases they are simply banned from the organization because we do not care to over populate prisons with people who take bribes. Prison should be reserved for those who commit serious crimes only. Humans have a different way of thinking about this, but the prisons that the order run are only for criminals of a certain kind.


  1. Ya just can't trust a mole...person, body blemish, or rodent in the yard. I love Homophones. :) :D ;)

  2. moles in the yard are no fun either

  3. interesting thought on prisons...and hopefully we are coming around with some of the legalization that is happening....