Thursday, 15 January 2015

Where the order have their secret prison

There are prisons all over the world and they are used to keep criminals and murderers away from the rest of society. The problem is that there are criminals that are not human and they are more of a threat than any of the most vicious and evil human criminals in the world. These alien outlaws are all in a very special secret prison that has maximum security meant to hold the most dangerous of species.

The only real problem with deporting these species back to their home planets is that they could use the information they already have to communicate to other aliens about any strategies that they want to use to come back to Earth and take over the planet. This is the reason why we keep them away from any kind of communication and the reason they are kept as prisoners on Earth indefinitely.


  1. This is a threat to Earth's continued existence. Earthlings are not even aware of the nature and severity. Risky! They ought to stay in!


  2. We don't want the whole galaxy to know how easy we'd be to conquer.

  3. i totally figured it was vegas...or maybe
    they would fit in....

  4. We'd be screwed if they reported back

  5. If they are in Guantanemo Bay, they have nothing to worry about. They will soon be released or moved to North Dakota in medium security.

  6. They are alien??
    Poor guys.always I think the most terrible is the human being!