Tuesday, 27 January 2015

How the order defeated Ra the sun god

There have been many battles between the order and the so called gods that existed in ancient times. These “gods” have been alien life forms that have done all kinds of terrible things in the world. The one that was known as Ra was actually an alien with the ability to use the rays of the sun as a weapon that created a ray of pure fire that could melt the strongest steel and rock formations.

The order knew that they had to defeat this alien life form and they hired the services of a bounty hunter who tracked down Ra and captured him so that the order could contain him in a special cell. Killing Ra is not an option because the order feels that he could be put to good use in the future. Hopefully he will cooperate if his powers are needed. He is held captive in a location that is undisclosed to most members of the order and only the higher ups know of it.


  1. Wasted talents if killed. Should be reserved for future needs. Mechanical decision it is. Nicely HGW!


  2. I thought Jack O'Neill got Ra when he came through the Stargate...

  3. hey, maybe that's who Lady Gaga was singing about... 'ra ra ah ah ah'
    or not. :)

  4. I think I read that Constantine worshiped the sun god Ra. Is that true?

  5. hey i watched stargate....
    or is he just apocalyse from the xmen movie
    coming out soon...

  6. What happened to his wife, Lady RaRa?

    okay maybe I'm bad at Egyptian mythology