Friday, 30 January 2015

Where the order shop when they are bored

The order are usually going to have way too much to do with their lives in order to ever feel bored at all. The important thing to take into consideration is that during those few weeks of the year that they take vacations, they do tend to like to go shopping to very specific place when they feel bored. This is a hidden luxurious warehouse that has all of the important commodities that you can expect from such a business.

There is actually an incredible marketplace that only the order and a very select number of humans can visit. This market place has a large number of interesting products that provide entertainment in ways that no human drug or thrill ride ever could. The most popular products include clothing that give you massages and other clothing that provide internal air conditioning depending on your location and the weather.


  1. Then all of them are healthy souls!


  2. Internal A/C in the clothes! We could take the kids to visit Angkor Wat! ha! (We really do want to visit, but think the heat, among other things, would be a bit much for the kids).

  3. clothing that gives you massages...
    you def need to market that one....

  4. Why did you have to tell us? Now we'll want to find it!

  5. Why did you have to tell us? Now we'll want to find it!