Friday, 8 May 2015

Why the order don't heal the sick

The order actually have the power to restore the sick and bring them back to health. The problem is that this is not the right way to handle things because humans are not meant to live for centuries. The human body was designed with the purpose of a productive lifespan of no more than 100 years and the order are not going to heal those who get sick, regardless of their status and their social position.

The order have made a few exceptions and they have healed some humans because of the information that they were able to provide to the order after being sent on missions. The order would then retire these humans to a private island and they get to live the rest of their lives until they get sick again from any kind of natural disease and die. The order would never give permanent life to a human, it has been strictly forbidden.


  1. permanent life would be interesting for a while

  2. Who wants to live here forever anyway?
    Did Methuselah provide information?

  3. Wouldn't want to live forever

  4. I wouldn't want to live forever, anyway. Good decision by the Order.