Thursday, 21 May 2015

Where the order take criminals

The order have always tried to be as uninvolved with human criminal punishment as they possibly can, but the problem has always been that they have dealt with a large number of criminals who know of their existence and when they threaten the safety of the order, they are dealt with in a completely different way. The order send them outside of planet Earth and to a planet that is far away from this solar system. They are keep there for interrogation on the reasons why they attacked the Earth and once they are no longer useful for interrogation, they are exterminated.

The order doesn’t really care for the human emotions that would make someone provide a humane way of extermination, but they exterminate these humans and aliens in a way that is truly quick and painless.


  1. Quick and painless is not really a consolation.But they are bad hats anyway!


  2. Hey, they do the crime, away they go