Tuesday, 5 May 2015

How the order deal with the worst criminals

The order have actually been quite involved in the process of dealing with the most dangerous and difficult criminals in the world. The order does have a different category for the criminals that they label as terrible though. For the order a rapist or a murderer is nothing but a damaged person that has no value at all, but if the criminal is a mastermind of some kind of scheme that robbed people out of millions of dollars or they used their skills to hack into the world’s best guarded internet websites, this is the moment when the order labels that person as one of the worst criminals.

They are actually employed by the order and given jobs that turn them into spies and hackers under the commands of the order. The most dangerous criminals are those that can do the most damage to the social structures of the world and not those that kill innocent people. The murderers and rapists are put down like savage animals, while the masterminds are put to good use.


  1. It's difficult to get enough good brain power.

  2. make use of them when you can I guess

  3. Put down like savage animals - good for you.