Friday, 22 May 2015

How the order faked the moon landing

At this point there have been many people who have said that the moon landing was fake and others who continue to truly believe that it was all a hoax. There was indeed a moon landing accomplished by humans, but it was not on that day and it was not filmed. The order faked the moon landing in order to give people something to think about while they were in so much danger. If they had known that they could have died at any minute in those days, there would have been chaos and the order staged the moon landing for this purpose.

This was such a poorly staged event only because the human technology did not allow the order to use any HD or computer generated tricks to make it look good. This is the reason why it was so difficult to downgrade their production skills to the level that was required.


  1. WOW I remember watching that whole staged production in elementary school. It was quite the BIG event!

  2. I talked to the man in the moon... Song... I think Conway Twitty? My gram liked him. ;)