Thursday, 14 May 2015

How the order created fruit

The order knew that they had to come up with a food resource that humans could consume for their energy levels to be restored and for their strength to be regained. The best way to make sure that this happened was to create food that could easily grow on trees all over the land and that would provide humans with plenty of nourishment. Fruits got created in a laboratory just like everything else on Earth. The planet was nothing but water and rock formations when the order first arrived.

The order decided to come up with several different fruit selections in order to allow humans to have more options for the kind of foods that they like to eat. The problem is that humans decided to use this the wrong way and they started to use these resources to create artificial foods that are harmful to their health.


  1. it's not my fault that artificial strawberries taste better than actual strawberries.

  2. It'll come a time when things get jammed up!


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