Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Why the order don't rid the world of drugs

There is a very simple and rather Darwinian answer to that question and we want to assure you that it’s nothing personal with any human being, but the truth is that the order will never get rid of drugs because they help weed out the weak and they preserve the strong. This is the best way to allow only those with strong minds to survive. The more dangerous drugs we have out there, the easier it will be for this “natural” cleansing to take place, but the order is fair and even drug addicts are given a chance to be strong and to get out of their terrible addiction by counseling and rehab clinics.

There are many drugs in development now and most of them are low end creations of human dealers who want to cash in on the weakness of others, but some of them are being created by top human scientists who become partners with mafia bosses all over the world. The order doesn’t care to get involved in the production drugs, but they allow for them to continue to exist all for a greater purpose.


  1. The drug scene will sustain itself as there is money to be made.The fact that attrition of the weak against the strong takes place is only a natural progression.


  2. The greedy drug kingpins will always find a way

  3. Survival of the fittest, druggies eventually dry out or die out.

  4. ha. i guess the natural cleansing is not a bad thing...
    but sad at how many get caught in its snare...