Tuesday, 3 March 2015

How the order built Noah’s ark

Noah’s ark is real and there have been many arks in the past, not just the one that was used to gather all the animals during the massive floods that are mentioned in the bible. The truth is that the order was in charge of building the ark and “Noah” was just the name of the project that was going to provide safety for all animals species until the floods ended. The order has been working on plenty of other arks that will be needed. Some of them will be launched in space while others are meant to allow humans to survive in the ocean for several years in case of a major flood.

There is nothing more important to the order than to preserve human life on planet earth. Not because humans have been found to be that great of a species, but because too much time has been invested in their existence just to lose all of them to a major natural disaster event.


  1. At least we have an investment

  2. ha. you def have to protect your investment...
    though at some point you may choose to cut your losses...

  3. Hopefully your investment doesn't take anymore of a nosedive

  4. Just got to put up with the likes of the human race! An investment of potential!


  5. So glad someone thinks we are worthy of an ark!

  6. So how did you save all the land plants. Scuba-gear?