Thursday, 26 March 2015

Why the order created stuffed animals

The order have been doing all kinds of things to monitor human activity in all homes. The best way to monitor humans is to begin at birth. This is to determine why they grow up to be a certain way and to display certain behaviors. So the order built an item that would be purchased by 90% of the mothers of the civilized world. The stuffed animals are the perfect camera and those black eyeballs that you see in most of them are high tech cameras. To the human eye, these are just plastic buttons, but the technology used to create them involves all kinds of materials that allow for direct broadcasting of anything that is in front of them.

No human could ever figure out what is going on inside of any of those plastic buttons and that is the beauty of it. It’s surveillance that cannot be traced by human technology.


  1. My wife still has a bunch of them. I'm going to blindfold all of them now...

  2. My daughter used to sleep with at least twenty of those things! I think that was a devious plan on the part of the Order. I agree with Pat, and I'm going to make sure the PTA comes after you!

  3. No wonder my kids talk to their stuffies...they must have known all the time.

  4. These little bears??
    My daugther still sleep with a little bear!
    Would be dangerous? Lol