Friday, 27 March 2015

Where the order send the killer clowns

Killer clowns are probably the most evil kind of humans because in their manic state, they have been known to commit the most atrocious and violent crimes that the world has ever seen. Some of them have been so terrible, that the order decided to keep them away from the news, because they would create panic in certain areas of the world. Killer clowns are usually the direct result of experiments conducted by aliens on people.

They wear masks because they have been turned into horrible creatures due to the many experiments that the human body doesn’t handle very well. There is radiation of another level involved in these tests and it turns humans into monstrous creatures. This makes them feel anger that is also fueled by an irregular amount of testosterone that is released uncontrollably and it reaches levels that are extremely dangerous. Even the women become ferocious and muscular monsters. They keep their human size and shape, but their faces deform and their bodies are much stronger. They are all now kept in a maximum security prison underground and they do all kinds of mining work for the order.


  1. I never understood the fear of clowns. I used to collect them as a kid because they brought me great joy. Maybe I should rethink that huh?

  2. What is to be enjoyed turns out to be a horror! Whew!


  3. Clowns have always been creepy. Never have understood their appeal. Oh, Red Skelton was a great clown, but then he was a talented man who could assume many roles.