Thursday, 3 April 2014

Stories of the Order - Shia

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite and prestigious society. Their acceptance process is extremely strict and rigorous, leaving zero room for error. The Order also has zero tolerance for dishonesty, which is one of the primary reasons they will never accept the Transformers star Shia LaBeouf. While of course The Order recognizes his talent in the realm of acting and comedy, they simply cannot look past his repeat offences of plagiarism.  Even his apologies for plagiarism, the former Disney star claims that this is all a piece of performance art but that doesn't excuse his dis honorable actions in the eyes of The Order Of Monte Cristo.

And he’s certainly no environmentalist–despite feeling guilty about it. LaBeouf once said:
I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m not [environmentally friendly]. I drive a truck, I’m a loser that way. I’ll figure it out eventually but I’m not the greatest guy… I’m horrible, horrible, horrible. My mum hates me for it. Sometimes I put the can in the right bin, sometimes I don’t. I have to be better about it, I know, and I’m sorry world.

Such disrespect towards nature is another thing that will not be tolerated by The Order.


  1. Plagiarism should definitely not be tolerated. It takes a lot of hard work to get something great written. Shame on anyone for trying to take that credit, including famous folk. ;)

  2. plagiarism should never be tolerated

  3. A plagiarizer and planet killer. I wouldn't want him as a part of my group either.

  4. what a confused and baffling young man he is...
    and i wonder if he hasnt gone a bit daft....

  5. Hmmmmm.... Well you have to give him credit for admitting he is a horrible person.