Thursday, 10 April 2014

Stories of The Order - Easter Bunny

Bunny rabbits are very soft fluffy and endearing. A few hundred years ago a very influential man bought his daughter a bunny rabbit for Christmas. This man was one of the more important individuals in the Order. Everything he did was of huge interest in the realm of how The Order would continue to flourish here on earth.

Those in the know watched how the little girl, Ester by name, would enjoy her new friend and what consequence the gift would have on the known world. Those who were not in the know looked on with endearing interest intending to buy their offspring just such a gift when next Christmas arrived.

Magazines dedicated to pets and wildlife kept their readers abreast with the latest news on Ester's Bunny. The Order fed them tit bits of information on a constant basis to ensure that the public unknowingly would buy into their plan to encourage gentle feelings in the most angry of the retrograde human species.

The Order released to the daily newspapers quite a lot of pics of their leader making sure to have Ester's bunny lurking somewhere in the background. Actually on one occasion Ester's bunny had bounced into the foreground and The Order were initially concerned that they had overstepped the mark but decided to hide their intentions in full view and equilibrium was restored.

However The Order were not quite as happy as they thought they might be as humankind were still a tad nasty in many ways. Something would have to be done to bring out those underlying hidden loving feelings that lie buried in the hearts of all humans.

A very important meeting was called by the hierarchy of The Order and quite a bit of brain storming was initiated in the endeavor to use the full potential of the public interest in Ester's bunny.

One resourceful member (an Irish man of course) explained the concept of the missing gold at the end of the rainbow and suggested that should Ester's bunny go missing The Order could mobilize entire nation in the hunt to find it. This idea was met with a great round of applause and within twenty four hours The Order had sprung into action. Humanity was about to be stirred at their deepest level. Love.

The following morning entire nations woke to find emblazoned across their morning newspapers. HELP FIND ESTER’S BUNNY.

It has now gone from public memory whether or not anyone found the bunny and The Order soon found other ways to enhance the human race. Then a few decades later a very influential family of The Order were enjoying a picnic in their local park and were brain storming on activities that might be proffered to the younger members for their entrainment. At precisely that moment, we are told, a small bunny rabbit bounced by and its appearance jogged the memory of one of the adults. “What about “the Ester bunny thing?” he asked. Since no one else knew the details; the story was told and everyone thought it a great idea to play “the Ester bunny” game.

The story and game might well have remained uncontaminated except for the fact that the family went on to play Chinese Whispers consequently next time the younger members played the Ester bunny game it had morphed into the Easter bunny and well done The Order for giving us such a loving, gentle way to make children happy when spring days are inclined to be cold and disappointing.


  1. ha. yes, it all makes sense now.
    smiles. a plausible origin. ha

  2. Wow, never knew it was so complicated

  3. Right on the weather! I'm hoping we get to hunt eggs outside this year, instead of inside (it's way more fun that way). Put a good word in w/Ester's Bunny, would you? :)

  4. Wow, that's quite a story about how the Easter Bunny came to be. Ester's Bunny will be making an appearance at my party on Saturday. Like Rosey, I hope the weather stays good for it!

  5. So Ester's bunny is the Easter bunny? That's really mind-boggling!

  6. Of course! That is the only way the Easter Bunny came to being. Aside from humans eating them, bunnies create havoc in the garden.

  7. Bunny must have a chicken helper (an elf chicken) to handle al the eggs.

  8. Do you remember when we used to be able to buy chicks that were dyed Easter colors? I wonder if the order had anything to do with that?