Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Stories of the Order - Atlantis

Getting into The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a pretty hard thing to do since it is a secret society, but once you are in, you are going to learn of all the things that the Order has had its hand in over the years.  World events like keeping humans out of space as long as possible and even how the clouds are shaped.  One thing that is a little more of a major event is the sinking of Atlantis and you should know that The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo had something to do with that as well.

There are plenty of legends out on the web that you can read about, but one that is missing is about The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo.  The “fictional” island was mentioned first back in 360 BC in Plato’s story.  The story is long and even though Atlantis was not that important of a part, the sinking of the island would become one of the most talked about prehistoric lost civilizations.  Atlantis still shows up in comics and light fiction books and when you read through a book or two, remember who really had a hand in the sinking of the island.


  1. Mysterious and hard to unravel. Nicely HGW!


  2. but why did the order sink the island??
    tell the story....

  3. I imagine all of the knowledge one would glean from membership would make a normal person dizzy.

  4. Shame on you for sinking Atlantis. I think I lived there.

  5. The Order has its hand in everything!