Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Stories of the Order - Titanic

Everyone has heard about the infamous sinking of the Titanic. This was a very tragic incident because a lot of people lost their lives and it was all attributed to the ship crashing into an iceberg and this opened a hole on one side of the ship causing the inevitable sinking process. The truth is that there was no iceberg involved in this. The hole was caused by a controlled explosion that was meant to open the hole in the ship in a perfectly strategic location.

The reason for this was that the order was aware of the fact that 3 millionaires that wanted to do terrible things in the USA would be traveling in this ship and they had to be taken out of the equation. It was a very unfortunate thing that many innocent people also had to die, but the level of evil that those 3 individuals had was extremely high and they needed to be stopped. All of them died in the initial moments after the ship started sinking because they tried to force their way through the crowds by pushing women and children out of the way and witnesses beat them up and threw them overboard. The order was also responsible for the character played by Billy Zane in the movie being made to look like one of these evil men that really existed.


  1. The order sure do get around

  2. hmm...makes you wonder if you could make those kind of choices in light of a present danger...kill many to save many more...

  3. I guess it's a no win situation any way you look at it.