Thursday, 19 June 2014

Stories of the Order - Frankenstein

Although Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley was considered a novel it was in fact the true story of the scientific experiments of an alchemist in Germany living in, of all places, Frankenstein Castle, which is but 17km from Gernsheim.

This alchemist was known to locals as Lord Victor and was a prestigious member of the Order. As the order held the knowledge of the essence of life on earth they were unsure of the wisdom of some of Lord Victor’s experiments. For this reason they demanded that he turn over to them, all his notes and data on any work he had undertaken from 1818.

1818 was the year they themselves had begun a new project to make a third type of human being. They had male and female but considered that another type of being would add color and entertainment to the population. However they found that two arms and two legs of their new being had gone missing and they suspected that Lord Victor might have had something to do with it. These had been particularly fine specimens and they were having great difficulty replacing them.

They sent a spy to Frankenstein Castle who reported back that indeed the missing limbs were in Lord Victor’s possession.

A grand meeting was held. Brainstorming produced “Project Third Human”. It was decided that to outdo Lord Victor, they would hold a world wide competition to see who would be the first to produce this new being. It would be known as a Malfee.

Across the world went the advertisement:
“Make your own Malfee from spare parts (not supplied). Be the first to become a god. Winner takes all.”

Far from becoming a god the entire human race became the angel of death and great swathes of human kind were being chopped up for spare parts - no wait! That’s happening now in modern hospitals - back to Frankenstein.

Well of course you know what happened: they had to stop it. Lord Victor finished his experiment, which was a great success. The Malfee is very shy but the tracks of his big feet are often discovered in the snow capped mountains of Germany.


  1. ha. a contest...well....i would not be surprised if cosmetic surgery moved more into enhancements....

  2. damn, that was quite the tale

  3. I guess we never truly know the truth until the order gives it to us

  4. Malfee sounds like Bigfoot. Maybe we will find out some day?

  5. All good tales are created via a sliver of truth? *shivers*