Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dates of the Order

The Order has recently declassified some things just to get humans talking and give themselves something to do.

July 21, 1010 - The Order stops a real gremlin uprising.

August 12, 1200 - The Order create the hidden shield to cover Atlantis.

February 14, 1414 - The Order fight back the 6th alien invasion.

March 21, 1518 - The Order created popcorn.

April 16, 1617 - The Order purge the Earth of the cyclops breed,


  1. thank goodness for popcorn...ha...
    i wanna see a cyclops!!!!

  2. How many invasions did they stop

  3. Mmmm! Popcorn! Nothing else here seems as important as that creation!

  4. We just had popcorn with our movie. Thank you to the Order. :)