Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Dates of the Order - Another Lap

The order continue to release their great feats, mostly so humans can bow down before them and gossip in their puny lives.

1754 - The Order founded the moon. The order actually created the moon!

1659 - The Order stopped Trilen Tinker from ruling the world. Never heard of him, right?

1843 - The Order created the matrix and humans went in one by one.

1750 - The Order fought off a frost giant invasion

1900 - The Order invented the thumb tack.


  1. Hurrah for anyone who fights off the frost!!

    I haven't seen thumb tacks around for awhile! I used to step on them as a kid because my mom had a big board that used them smack dab in the middle of a room I always played in. I bet the Order was snickering too...

  2. created the moon...now that is over the top...ha
    thumb tacks rock, unless you fall on a board covered with them upside down
    that is not fun...

  3. Is there anything The Order can't do?