Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bringing You Up to date

The Order have declassified a few more dates for humans. They were delighted with the bickering that occurred over the last few, that they just had to do it again.

May 11, 1111 - The Order played chess against the computer. Proving they were 1's and the computer was 0's.

June 16, 1490 - The Order created the first ever flying monkey.

June 19, 1521 - The Order helped mother nature create tornadoes.

September 13, 1678 - The Order published a fiction book that was actually fact, but humans to this day still think it is fiction.

November 15, 1777 - The Order bought up the last piece of planet Earth. humans only think they own it.


  1. oo oo oo can i see a flying monkey? ha, so they created a bit of OZ did they? smiles.

  2. I'm sure Toto was not happy about the whole tornado thing. ;)

  3. The order owns everything? figures

  4. Flying monkeys and tornadoes. Is this fiction book that is fact Wizard of Oz?