Monday, 24 February 2014

Stories of the Order - Ghosts

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a group of highly intelligent beings that have been around forever, long before man entered the picture. They know all, see all, and are a part of all that we do, even if we do not know about them or their mission.

Those that do know about the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo may not realize that they are practical jokers sometimes. They spend countless millenniums saving humans from themselves but they do like to have fun as well, which is why the Order sometimes likes to pretend to be ghosts.

Most of you have probably seen YouTube videos of people being scared by ghosts. You see those are faked. The Sovereign Order gets a real chuckle from the humans and their fear. However, don't think of it as them wanting to scare us because that's not their mission. They learned their lesson the hard way with The Amityville Horror, which turned into a nightmare for the Lutz family unintentionally. They took that prank a little to far and made a family leave their new home in less than a month. The family then turned into pariahs.  People thought they were fakes. And they were but they didn’t know. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo tried to rectify the situation but turning their tale into a popular book and movie. They did felt really bad about that one.

They really like to have fun and give good-hearted scares – not the kind that gives you nightmares. They might show up to someone on Halloween night and give him or her a fright but later the person will think that it's all a joke, which it is. They never scare little children or the elderly but only those that they know will enjoy it in the long run.

Now sometimes the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo will take pleasure in scaring a bad person and in those cases they will go all out and ensure that the evil person is genuinely scared. This has sometimes worked out to the advantage of others – kind of like a “Scared Straight” program.

Either way, the Sovereign Order likes to have fun and sometimes it even works to the human race's advantage


  1. ha. i wonder at the scared straight it works?

  2. They really, really need to scare the crap out of Zak Bagans then.

  3. A little fright never hurt anybody. As long as it's in good fun, why not?

  4. I'm going to categorize myself as elderly (since I'm closer to that than a child) in hopes of being overlooked for any type of scares.

  5. oh goodness...I love a good scare, my heart doesn't though...

  6. Can we send them a list of people who need a good scare?