Monday, 17 February 2014

Stories of the Order - Flying Cars

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo an elite group of super beings traveled light years away from their territory to study the not so complex, down right idiotic, and not so stellar race known as humans.  Over the years the Order has watched and nudged humans in the right directions when it came to technology. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo had to take pause when a human came up with an exact replica of a flying car.  They had to take a bigger pause when that replica became a fully functioning flying car.

The fact humans came up with this by themselves should have been a good thing. And it was to a degree. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was kind of proud for once the humans did something on their own. So it was with great hesitation the Order made the painful decision to disallow the creation of flying cards at this point in time for humans.

The reason for the temporary halt on flying cars could have been any number of things. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been zipping through air and space for millennia. The problem they had with humans zipping through space was the simple fact humans were crappy drivers. If the Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo had a dollar for every car wreck they saw let’s just say they would be filthy rich. And it was simple impatience that caused the majority of accidents.

They have helped humans gain a great portion of their technology. But they refuse to allow humans in space and air. They have to put a stop to it now because if they manage the flying car they can easily build on it sending cars into space outside of Earth’s air space. They may even build their first real ship. The last thing they need is road raged speed demons floating around in outer space.

So the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo made it a top priority to stop the creation of flying cars, for the simple fact humans are crappy drivers.


  1. can you imagine the crashes if we had flying cars
    def foresee a lot more death from falling parts
    from above

  2. Yes, and for this we are all 100% thankful. I've seen people that have destroyed their cars in a parking lot. God help us all if these same people were 10,000 feet off the ground.

  3. I'm worried enough about Amazon delivering all those orders by drones! Forget cars!

  4. I was thinking while reading that I couldn't drive in space because I'm already a crappy driver on land... and then you said humans were crappy drivers. lol Glad I'm not the exception there... I think. Maybe I'm not glad, actually... ;)

  5. I am not cool with flying cars. People do suck at driving on the ground. Just my luck, they will crash in the air, then I'll go kaput on the ground by a falling car. No thanks!