Thursday, 16 April 2015

How the order created the sun

The sun is not the incredible scorching star that humans have been thinking it is. The sun is nothing but a huge structure that was made by the order to keep planet Earth warm enough to sustain the kind of lifeforms that we needed to raise on this planet. We created that whole idea of the sun being impossible too reach due to the high temperatures, but the sun is not nearly as hot as we have advertised it. The sun is has actually malfunctioned in the past and this is what came to be known as the infamous 3 day in darkness that left the world without sunrises for 3 entire days.

The order actually created an entire community inside the sun structure. This community holds a lot of species that are now extinct on planet Earth. The materials used to build the interior walls of the sun are heat proof and the temperature inside is optimal to sustain life.