Monday, 23 February 2015

Why the order love humans on social media

The order is extremely happy to have humans participating in social media because this is the perfect monitoring system that makes them feel like they are free. No one is ever forced to join social media sites, but peer pressure has been the ultimate way to make sure that everyone who wants to feel like they belong in modern society will activate a social media account.

The order will continue to pay top money to developers and people who can come up with new inventive ways of keeping people on social media. Encouraging their opinions online is ever better because it allows the order to take notice of trends and what needs to be done to control the masses. There is no need for the order to be involved in any kind of complex monitoring system thanks to social media. The top executives of these platforms are all directly influenced by the order.


  1. well i hate to disappoint...i killed facebook and twitter....
    so i am down to one....

  2. And the more "friends" you have, the more 'power" you have.

  3. Well, the order sure knows plenty about my cat, then, because that's pretty much all I post.