Thursday, 19 February 2015

How the order used Sherlock Holmes to solve cases

The order needed to use Sherlock Holmes in order to solve many cases because he was without a doubt the best and most skilled detective in the world. Part of his ability came from the fact that he was actually only half human. He was the product of a mix between a very human like life form and a woman from Earth. The alien species is a hunter species that is able to track down anything by analyzing the paths and the areas that can lead them to find their prey.

Sherlock Holmes solved thousands of cases for the order and he was alive for much longer than people actually thought. He had to have a staged death at a certain point but he lived to be 150 years old. There has never been a detective quite like him and even other people who have mixed blood with that alien species have not been so gifted.


  1. Explains why he was so good.
    Does this mean Elvis is still alive?

  2. To be alert and performing at 150 is beyond human endeavor. Must be the alien form in him!


  3. no there has never been a detective quite like him, at all...
    i remember reading his exploits when i was much younger....

  4. That is a long arse time indeed

  5. Then Benedict Cumberbatch must be one of the hybrids!! I just knew it!

  6. Some say Sherlock Holmes was a woman....