Thursday, 4 July 2013

Indepedence Day

Just in case you don't know with it plastered everywhere else, I'll help you out.

This Day in History:

Today is the USA's Independence Day - 1776

A murder trial inspires The Fugitive - 1954

Death of the founding fathers, Jefferson and Adams - 1826

Pathfinder lands on Mars -1997

The Clash play their first live event -  1976

Did you know all of these ones?


  1. i always celebrate the clash's beginnings today....woohoo...ha

  2. I didn't know about the murder trial or Clash concert. I knew about the others, though. Happy Fourth of July!

  3. The Clash and the Fugitive slipped me by! The rest are ok!


  4. Knew the fugitive one, great movie and the day we pissed off the aliens huh haha

  5. I had to go look up The Fugitive info. I've seen the movie but didn't know it was based on a true story. Those Ohio prisons are treacherous, we toured the one used for Shawshank and the one Sheppard stayed in had the same feel about it (though not the same look) from the picture I just came across. I don't know if it's the look of those buildings that is so spooky, or knowing what they were used for that creates the scare factor, probably the latter.

  6. I used to watch the Fugitive but didn't know when it started.

  7. We aren't even celebrating July 4th.... Not much to feel good about any longer.

  8. I knew the first and the adams/jefferson one. How freaky for them to both go in one day exactly 50 years after 1776

  9. 2 out of 5. Not so good on my history knowledge!