Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Gettsyburg ends

Did you still think it was going on?

This Day in History:

The battle of Gettsyburg comes to an end - 1863

Washington assumes command - 1775

Tom Cruise(big one here) was born - 1962

Idaho becomes 43rd state - 1890

Andy Griffith passes - 2012

Catch any of these up close?


  1. smiles...knew that about gettysburg, we used to live about 30 minutes south of it and go there often....i remember andy dying...

  2. I was just visiting my hometown of York, PA this past week which is 40 minutes from Gettysburg. There were all kinds of reenactments going on.

  3. Wow that's a rather historic day eh? My mom misses Andy Griffith!!

  4. For some reason I remember Andy Griffith dying.

  5. Quite sure it wasn't over but you've got start somewhere.

    The only one I was around for is Griffith. My gram liked his music (and I grew up watching his show).

  6. Andy passing was so sad. I remember watching The Andy Griffith Show with my mom. He was truly a class act!

  7. Tom Cruise is sure getting old!! RIP Andy

  8. Cruise sure won't be jumping many more couches